3D Content Logistics offers solutions for the analysis and visualization of complex business data, including 2D and 3D geographic data and massive IoT sensor data.

Extract Knowledge
from Data

Make data visible

Literally, see your data and reveal hidden potentials

3D Content Logistics delivers visual user interfaces for complex, multidimensional data. Users are enabled to explore characteristics, hidden structures, relationships, and trends of abstract data in space and time.

Save time and money

Manage sites, assets, and production performances

3D Content Logistics combines data from various sources, including CAD, GIS, and the Internet of Things, to create data experiences for making better informed decisions, ensuring process reliability and process efficiency, and saving time and money.

Solutions and


Asset and Production Management and Optimzation

With out technology platform SIALOGICTM  we enable companies to connect and combine asset data into a multi-dimensional information space. It allows them to monitor, assess, control, and optimize production resources and processes proactively and in real-time.

With our IT communication expertise we connect different stakeholders to identify potentials for IoT and help to improve efficiency or even create new business model.

#2   |   3D Platform, Smart Map, Smart Video

3D Content Management, Visualization, Analysis and Delivery

The 3D PLATFORM is our service-based platform for interactive 3D information systems. It combines innovative server and client technologies for the processing, integration and visualization of complex 3D models and their use on all platforms and devices. Heavily based on server-side rendering it forms the technical core of additional products:

The SMART MAP is our most robust and easy-to-use digital birds-eye-map, synthesized from massive and high-detail 3D models.

The SMART VIDEO is our SaaS-based solution for authoring and generating high-quality fly-throughs for massive 3D city models and landscape models right within the web-browser.


Visual Analytics for Spatio-Temporal Data

URBAN ANALYTICS is visual analytics for data that is related to urban objects, structures, and processes.

URBAN ANALYTICS extends Business Intelligence as it makes abstract data tangible by giving it a place and a shape and allows users to get new insights into spatial business data.


  • Automated Data Integration: spatial referencing, aggregation, clustering
  • Visual Analytics: ad hoc analytics, visualization in real-time
  • Multidimensional Visualization: correlate data and gain new insights
  • Effective Mobile Visual Interfaces: cross-platform, web-based and mobile

Examples and
Success Stories

#1   |   3D Platform, Smart Map

A Digital 3D City Model for Berlin’s Business Development

We made the official Berlin 3D city model available on mobile devices for the first time as native Apps for Android and iOS.

#2   |   3D Platform, Smart Map

“Gesundes Neukölln” – A Prevention App for Young Families

Based on our SMART MAP, we developed an App that helps young families to find and use relevant offers in their neighborhood.

#3   |   3D Platform, Smart Video

Virtual Camera Tours for Supporting Location Marketing

We provided capabilities for synthesizing high-quality 3D video content right from the Berlin 3D city model.

About Us

3D Content Logistics has more than 14 years of experience in combining, analyzing, and visualizing multi-dimensional data on different devices to generate added value for business, society and the public sector. Founded as a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering in Potsdam, Germany, and built by German Deep Tech, it consists of a team with high technical competence and a solid track record in research success.


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