smartMap JavaScript API

Interactive 3D maps - Easy-to-use - Scalable - Robust

The smartMap JavaScript API is a library for easy integration of 3D maps into your website. Point of interest data from different sources can be easily integrated into the map. The smartMap library is developed by 3D Content Logistics GmbH. The API is free of charge. To access our Tiles API Webservice you need to contact us to get your API key. We provide a development version of the Tiles API Webservice, which can be used for development purposes only. We do not guarantee service uptime at any point.

smartMap API features

  • Easy integration of interactive 3D maps into websites and portals
  • Robust, clear, and easy-to-use user interface: Exploration of sites and objects by dragging, zooming and rotating the 3D bird's eye view
  • Easy integration of points of interest data from a large number of supported sources
  • No plugins required due to server-side rendering
  • Same look&feel everywhere and on any device
  • High system and browser compatibility
  • Based on OpenLayers 3 technology

Getting started

You can download the latest version of the smartMap library and working examples here. You will need to add your API key at the specified point in the simple.html, animation.html and points_of_interest.html of the examples. Open the html files of the examples in any browser to try them out.


Setting up your first smartMap

Setting up a smartMap is straight forward. First you will need to import the JavaScript and CSS files for jQuery and the smartMap library:

Then add a container element to your website where the smartMap should be displayed in:

Finally, add the following JavaScript code to initialize the smartMap:

Add functionalities

Points of interest can be added to the smartMap using the OpenLayers API: create a vector layer from a suitable source, e.g., geojson and add it to the map:

This will automatically display the loaded points of interest in the smartMap and also update the available layers in the control element.

OpenLayers supports a variety of animations which can be used to navigate to a point on the map. These animations can also be used in the smartMap library:

Running example

Learn more

If you want to further explore the possibility of the smartMap API you can look at the documentation of the OpenLayers 3.2.0 API which can be found here. If you have questions regarding the smartMap API or have problems using the API feel free to contact us:

Request your API key

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